Snorkeling at Lang Khai Bay

IDC Koh Tao
Lang Khai Bay is a Dive Site on the south-east coast of Koh Tao. Lang Khai Bay itself is the smaller bay and one of the best hidden and less known snorkeling and scuba diving sites in Koh Tao.

Lang Khai Bay has its small beach in front of a valley in between 2 high hills. There are several large boulders covered with various kinds of unspoiled new and older corals. The best snorkeling point is on the north side, and for the scuba divers the steeper sea floor at a depth of five to ten metres.

Lang Khai Bay has a resort at the end of the road built on the cliff that provide an easy walkway down to King Kong Rock.

Lang Khai Bay; 3RHW+PP Ko Tao, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani, Thailand