Metal Sheet Bar

Located in the Chalok area of koh tao and almost right opposite Alkotan place, is a cosy little bar by the name of Metal Sheet food and drink that will steal your heart if you let it thanks to it’s friendly staff and general easy going atmosphere.

Scuba Diving Ko Tao

For your own good, don't ask about this photo.....

Metal sheet can be anything from a place to have a slow night-cap before bed or the preferred place to go right after Buddha view bar and get your party warm up lingo on.
With "Nuchy" and "Poy" almost constantly trying to entice you to play a game of pool or connect four with them for the chance of a free shot, but be warned because as friendly as these two ladies look, they are absolutely formidable when it comes to playing connect four.
Metal sheet bar encompasses the “island life” style of Koh Tao, constantly reminding you that you are after all on a 25 square kilometre island in the middle of the ocean with it’s literal metal sheet and zinc walls, compressed wood bar counter and as many creative recycled ornaments as far as the eye can see.

Metal sheet bar also has delicious coconut chicken curry on occasion which is to die for.
The bar also won’t tear a hole in your wallet as the prices for beer, whiskey and rum are very average costing and sometimes even cheaper than most other bars in the area. 

As with most bars on the island, metal sheet is open from around 8-PM but usually only gets busy around 10-PM, this is when "Nuchy", the bar-lady will try and convince you to play her for a game of connect four.
If you’re brave enough, that is.
But of course this comes with an upside as she might even close the bar and invite everyone to go party with her and the rest of the staff in Siaree, the island’s party hub.