Koh Tao Island Intro Extended

Getting into Thailand and eventually to Koh Tao can be somewhat of an exhausting journey, especially if is your first time visiting the land of smiles or even worse, your first time abroad,
That’s why I’m here to give a comprehensive guide to the best of my ability and personal experiences.

Scuba Diving Ko Tao

Hopefully unlike me, it doesn’t take you a full 24 hours to get to Thailand, keeping the long flight in mind I was jet lagged and stressed as it was all a new experience for me but regardless, prepare yourself mentally for this trip but don’t worry, it will be worth it.
I hate to be one of those people that give flight travel tips but here goes;

* The most irritating and repetitive thing to have done along the way to the land of smiles was having to take my shoes on and off...on and off, so make sure you wear something you can quickly and easily take off and put back on and no, I don’t mean sandals.
* Dress as comfortably as possible but also keeping in mind where you will be stopping over and try to keep their social norms in mind because there is nothing worse than being jet-lagged, uncomfortable and being looked at funny when you’re trying to find your next flight’s gate. 
* Another critically important tip is to take Imodium with you as travelling to a new country usually does take a toll on your stomach.
* Don’t be afraid to ask officials which way whatever it is you’re looking for as they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction or even escort you to the destination.

You Finally made it to Bangkok international airports which is one of the world’s top 10 biggest airports and trust me, you’ll feel it in your legs.
(It felt like I was in an episode of The Amazing Race, scrambling to get to my connection flight)
Once you make it to border patrol and the visas desk, life will get a lot more relaxed for a brief moment as all you have to fill out is where you will be staying, Identification number and reason for visiting, play it safe and tick holiday as well as a month for your duration of stay.

How to get into Thailand

(Entering Thailand requires no previous paperwork as you get a month long visa on your first entry visa stamp, this can always be renewed and prolonged by visiting a trusted travel agency or specifically Island Travel on koh tao island, Mae-Haad pier at the cost of 3700 Thai Baht.)

Once you’ve filled out your visa form, you’ll pass through yet another security check gate which can be quite intimidating as they search your hand luggage as well as a full body metal detector and scan.
Again, off with the shoes.

Once all of this is over, you’ll be well on your way to Koh Tao. However, you will first land in Koh Samui’s airport, should you choose to fly, which has a real island life and romantic feel to it as it is the smallest and stress free airports I have ever visited.
Once you get off the plane, you will be picked up by a golf cart-like bus and taken into the airport which was fun and interesting new experience.

Prepare to wait quite some time for your baggage to come onto the conveyor belt as the airport doesn’t have that many staff to load luggage from the plane.

Koh Samui Island.

This brings me to accommodation in Koh Samui, since it was my first day in Thailand I decided to get rid of the jetlag as best I knew by treating myself to two nights at Impiana resort, a four-and-a-half-star resort with a beachfront bar, pool and restaurant.
The room seemed as if it was made for someone way above my pay grade with air-conditioning, a mini bar, the most comfortable bed I’ve ver slept in and a great bathroom with marble counters.

When you first arrive at the hotel, you are treated to a complimentary drink as you walk into the hotel while they prepare everything in your room for you, don’t worry as it doesn’t take long at all.

The other guests at the hotel were also very kind and welcoming towards me as I ended making friends with Australian and British couples who I even ended up going to dinner with.

The following morning, I was picked up by the hotels shuttle service and off to the pier to catch my ferry ride to Koh Tao with a quick stop at Party island: Koh Panang.
The whole journey took roughly 3 hours, thank goodness for the air-conditioning. 

I had made it to the small tropical paradise and slice of heaven, Koh Tao (Mae Haad pier)

Mae Haad pier is one of the buzzing mechas of koh tao island, it literally offers the first steps youll take o0n the island.
Everyone yelkling to offer you their taxi services to take you to whichever accom