Koh Tao Accommodation - P&N Guesthouse

Unfortunately, this is the best photo of P&N guesthouse I have.

However,  It is where I stayed for the majority of my visit to Koh Tao when I was there for the first time.
Scuba Diving Ko Tao

 A strange thing about about Thailand and Koh Tao is that it's oddly enough, cheaper to stay there for a month or more than it is for your typical vacation as room charges at most accommodations are usually a lot more expensive if you choose to stay day to day than it is to pay the rent for a whole month.

I ended up paying 9800 Thai Baht a month for rent in one of the bigger rooms on the top floor.

For example, the average rent of a decent place to stay in Koh Tao, depending on which part of the island, is about 7000-10000 Thai Baht per month as a ball-park figure.
However, the room rate per day at P&N was about 800 Baht a day which would've bankrupted me and left me with no money for beer but with some time spent searching and speaking to the island's locals, it is possible to find cheaper accommodation.

So just keep that in mind when planning your travels, as it is cheaper to pay rent month to month than it is week to week or day to day.

Also, keep in mind that places with air-conditioning will be a lot more expensive than a ''fan-room.''

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you plan to stay on Koh Tao for a longer while and to dive a lot during your stay, I personally would not recommend an air-conditioned room as your body acclimatizes to the heat in about a week or so and air-cons can make you sick and stop you from enjoying your stay and your dives.

The best part about staying at P&N guesthouse is that the room sizes are rather spacious and comfortable with some rooms having their own kitchens, varying between single bed rooms and air-conditioning rooms, so it really does allow to you to pick and choose what suits your needs best.

It is also very convenient for the ''lazy'' traveler as there is a laundry shop and scooter rental shop literally by your doorstep as well as a convenience store and one of the best pizza shops on the island called ''Vnizza'' which is where this photo was taken from.

It is also situated centrally and conveniently for a bit of exploration.. and a night-cap or two, if you so please as it is almost right in the middle between Metal-Sheet Bar and Buddha View Bar.

Below as some more photos of the room that I stayed in: