Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

So you heard the rumors to about a legendary party that only happens on a full moon night?
The you must have heard how awesome it actually is and trust me that it is as crazy and wild as everyone told you.

Scuba Diving Ko Tao

In this part of the blog I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the full moon party.

First you’ll have to get from Koh Tao to Koh Phangan island using the ferrie which should only cost you around 500 Baht and take about an hour and a half.
I would recommend that you try to take the 12-PM ferrie to Koh Phangan as most hotels and accommodations only allow for check-ins from around 2 O’clock , this will also allow you to miss the massive rush to the island from the late-comers.

Yes, it will be an incredible experience but be warned that it is somewhat a tourist trap as the prices for most things on the island skyrocket so to say during this time due to the influx of tourism and scarcity of accommodation options.

For the sake of not burning a hole through your wallet I would suggest that you try and find accommodation as close to the full moon party as possible, this might sound sound counter intuitive as one might think the prices of places to stay closer to the party beach would be higher and in some cases it can be a little bit more expensive but you would save yourself the hassle of paying an unabsorbent amount of money for a taxi to drive you a kilometre that you could’ve walked in 10 or so minutes.

For this I recommend that you stay in Haad-Rin as it has the best accommodation price to ease of getting around ratio in my opinion and the taxi from koh Phangan’s harbour isn’t to expensive at all.

Also prepare your wallet for some spending if you plan on trying to drink your body weight in alcohol from buckets as the prices range from 100 baht a drink to 500 baht a bucket.

U.V paint also costs around 200 baht depending on the size of the painting but I must say, it does add to the flashing lights and atmosphere and helps you to blend in a little bit more.


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