Buddha View Bar

Oh Buddha bar…What a great place it is.
Buddha bar, Buddha View diving school in the Chalok region of Koh Tao is somewhat of the pinnacle of divers in the Chalok area, almost like a central social and drinking hub, I’d say.
Buddha Bar opens at 4-PM and closes around 10-PM, depending on the amount of people at the bar that night.

Scuba Diving Ko Tao

It is not only the bar at Buddha view but also a great restaurant with great and quick food choices and drinks, I highly recommend their beef Pad-Thai.

The most friends I made and actually the first friends I made on Koh Tao were actually at Buddha bar, which I hope gives you a good idea of the vibe at this bar.
The bar has great bar-ladies; Som and Gee, who are probably Koh Tao’s best walking tourist information stands.
- They’ll be able to tell you anything from the best place to have your laundry done to the price of a packet of cigarettes on the neighboring islands.
Oh, and if you see Eduard there, tell him Jeandre says hi (:
You can find people from all walks of life in Koh Tao, with that being said, you're bound to make international friends as I like to call them and even possibly discover new places for you to travel to in future ventures.

Being on Koh Tao, it goes without saying that most people will be talking about diving, also that most would ask you whether you are a diver or plan to dive while you’re on the island as it is almost seen as a sin if you don’t dive while you visit the island.
What I’m saying is that to start talking about diving is the best ice breaker to use on paradise island and a sure-fire way to make new friends.
Buddha bar has happy hour specials running from 4pm when they open until 7pm which you’ll soon find out works perfectly with your daily schedule on Koh Tao as most will usually start going for dinner between 7 and 8pm and start going to the clubs and bigger bars at around 10pm.

Though, right next to Buddha Bar, there is a restaurant that is open from about 8-AM if I recall correctly, untill 9-PM or so where everyone at the bar would order their food from whilst they sat and drank their beer.

The breath-taking view in the mornings, sipping on fresh coconut is really one of the best ways to get ready for the day.

Side Note: Coconut helps for hangovers, you're welcome ( :