Mae Haad Pier

Dive Trips in Koh Tao meet daily at the Mae Haad Pier. Join our Dive Trips for an unforgettable Dive Sites Experience with Sea Turtles, Abundant Marine Life, Colourful Corals, and Turquoise Waters.

IDC Koh TaoOur Dive Trips in Koh Tao start at Mae Haad Pier where we will depart with a diving boat with a trip around the island. The Mae Haad Pier is also known as the "Ferry Pier", or the "Koh Tao Harbour". This is the pier were you first set foot on Koh Tao.

Private Dive Trips have their own private boat, a qualified PADI Divemaster, and have the freedom to dive at less populated diving sites around Koh Tao.

The shipwreck is an interesting dive site in Mae Haad Bay, which sank in 1962 - located at the south end of the bay. There are generally lots of fish here and you may be accompanied by a huge school of fusiliers as well as the blue spotted rays and sweetlips hiding about the place.

IDC Koh Tao
Mae Haad Bay is the port town where all piers are located, and also where the government offices are, the police station, post office, health centre, banks, school, hospital and temple. Mae Haad Bay is the hub for Thai Shopping and Souvenirs.

At Mae Haad Bay you will find many dive shops, where you can buy and hire everything from masks and fins for snorkelling, to the latest scuba diving gear. Also find local fresh market shops where you can find tropical fruit and local ingredients.

A small brick beach road, no cars, just a few bikes, will take you to Sairee Beach, while a walkway along the southwestern coast will lead to Jansom Bay and Sai Nuan Beach.